Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution

Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution – Most venous leg ulcers can be cured with local anaesthetic procedures. These patients get out of long term bandages and compression.

In November 2018, Mark Whiteley published Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution. In this book, he describes how most venous leg ulcers can be permanently cured using minimally invasive procedures, under local anaesthetic.

He explains how patients are not told this, and so suffer years of bandages and dressings, that could be discarded, allowing them to return to normal life.

Although Mark has been treating patients this way since 1999, his approach has now been proven by 2 randomised controlled studies and also the NICE guidelines.

Any patient with a venous leg ulcer and who is able to work MUST be referred for a venous duplex ultrasound scan and the chance of a cure.