Prof. Mark Whiteley MS FRCS (Gen)
Consultant Vascular Surgeon

In November 2012 Mark Whiteley was invited to sit on the Council of the Venous Forum, a section of the Royal Society of Medicine and the main venous body for professionals dealing with venous disease in the UK.

Mark Whiteley introduced "keyhole surgery for varicose veins" into the UK by performing the first VNUS Closure in the UK on 12th March 1999. He can rightfully be called "The Father of Office Based Surgery (or Keyhole Surgery) for Varicose Veins in the UK.

He has subsequently moved on from VNUS to introducing EVLA, RFiTT, Foam Sclerotherapy and other office based vein surgery techniques to The Whiteley Clinic.

He invented the TRLOP procedure - radiofrequency closure of perforating veins - with his colleague Judy Holdstock in 1999 and performed the first VNUS Closure FAST in the UK in March 2007.

In 2000, he realised that Pelvic Congestion Syndrome was linked in many women to Vaginal or Vulval varicose veins, as well as recurrent varicose veins, and he developed a treatment for these conditions with Dr Tony Lopez - called transjugular pelvic vein embolisation (

In November 2012 Mark Whiteley was invited to sit on the Council of the Venous Forum, a section of the Royal Society of Medicine and the main venous body for professionals dealing with venous disease in the UK.

On the 5th March 2009 - 10 years after introducing the keyhole surgery for varicose veins - Mark Whiteley introduced a new procedure for arm-pit sweating into the UK.

Invented in Buenos Aires by Dr Guillermo Blugerman, Mark Whiteley was taught the technique by Dr Blugerman himself - and performed the first in the UK.

He has called the technique LSA - Laser Sweat Ablation - or laser treatment for sweating from the armpits.

He has several national and regional prizes and medals for his work, over 60 peer reviewed research papers and 3 book chapters published, and has led the new endovenous revolution for treating Varicose Vein under local anaesthetic with pin-hole techniques in the UK.

The Clinical Exchange

With a love of teaching, he runs courses on the treatment of Thread veins through The Clinical Exchange - and teaches other techniques to doctors and health professionals who work within The Whiteley Clinic.(

Mark Whiteley has always been determined to make sure that patients treated under his care or with his treatments are given the very best of care.

Therefore he has set up The Whiteley Clinic (see below)

The Whiteley Clinic

An internationally recognised centre for the treatment of varicose veins and vein conditions

Absolute Aesthetics

The Medical Aesthetic clinic "Where Beauty meets Medicine"

The College Of Phlebology

In 2010, Mark set up The College of Phlebology.

This is an international College of both doctors and other health care professionals to help educate one another about veins and venous disease and also to help patients find more about the same.

The Leg Ulcer Charity

In 2013, Mark Whiteley set up The Leg Ulcer Charity to empower patients and their carers to find a cure for leg ulcers.

He not only teaches healthcare professionals, but also helps to spread medical and health information to the public. He has his own extensive network of educational websites (ie:,

Mark Whiteley is increasing the numbers of Whiteley Clinics to enable patients to get easier access to the specialist procedures that he has developed. He is working with colleagues to increase the number of Whiteley Clinics with Absolute Aesthetics, to save many people from having to travel so far.

Mark Whiteley has appeared on several TV and radio shows, as well as having been interviewed for many magazines and newspapers. He is happy to give interviews or answer questions.

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and since December 2012 has been a blog author on The Huffington Post:

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Whiteley News

Venaseal Superglue for veins

AngioDynamics International Training Centre

New book on veins by Mark Whiteley


Understanding Venous Reflux - The Cause of Varicose Veins and Venous Leg Ulcers is now available

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Relaxing During Surgery


Jade Davidson provides reflexology for London patients undergoing vein surgery.

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Toast Surrey Winner

Mark Whiteley - Business Personality of the Year 2012 - Toast of Surrey 2012